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After just two months in the industry - both will do just about anything for an orgasm. The whole experience, find its soft point the point where it thins out into pleasure? I'll teach her a lesson. The lubricant into my arsehole. I wanted my Jenna. She may violate him and treat him like the slut he so needs to be educated on what really get's her off, seeing a man with a forced milking from a suction machine.

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It writhes and shudders in orgasmic bliss. Evelyn in the Jaqueline and a member of the prestigious final four. He went straight for the butt hook, and that's where we started. There is a lot of fun and quite sexy too. But it was a grand night of sexual pleasures. She never whines about anything, actually.

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Ally is made to play with a hard cock and the Princess fingers the helpless Ashley at will. Soon both girls are bound again, Ashley against the wall with an electric stim buried up her wet shaved cunt. The louder Ally screams, the harder Ashely gets her poor cunt hole shocked. The big problem here is Ally can't stop cumming.

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Here is a shoot for all you members who have been asking for more latex!! Once she has assured that Devaun is a healthy and obedient submissive she fucks her with a machine and teaches her to take the electro up all the way.

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Seda may be considered spoiled by her time hanging around on the Upper Floor as a guest, but those days are over. This trainee is taken to the basement for rigorous slave training at the hands of sadistic Masters.

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Her back is arched, she is gagged and she is helpless to stop what ever we want to do to her. We tear her clothes off, we ring gag her pretty little mouth and we abuse her perky tits and nipples, and that is just for starters. It was the year Device Bondage bound her up tight and made her cum over and over.