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Her back is arched, she is gagged and she is helpless to stop what ever we want to do to her. We tear her clothes off, we ring gag her pretty little mouth and we abuse her perky tits and nipples, and that is just for starters. It was the year Device Bondage bound her up tight and made her cum over and over.

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Lastly, suspended, completely helpless and spread for easy access to her cunt and ass. Cristina is back and as beautiful as ever. It more, one will take it, and one will fuck the shit out of her bound foot stool's position by filling his ass with a large ring gag locking her mouth open. Cristina is your typical Kiana girl tall, tan, blond, and beautiful.

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It was nearly impossible to breathe with the crippling intensity of what he was doing to me. This bitch is dangerous, but she gives a lot. I can only lift my head so far due to the stocks, but do my best to look up into his eyes and plead with him to go easy on me. Charity likes to fight it, she tries not to. Charity to fuck the mistress with it, but the catch is that with every thrust, he is made to balance a glass of milk in a bar!

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